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Join us to enter into the new Springtime of Dry Cleaning: To say that a Renzacci dry cleaning machine “is good for our health and is good for our wallet”, certainly is not just a nice slogan, but a reality of fact motivated by many very important issues: Ranges of dry cleaning machines PROGRESS operating with Perchlorethylene, from 6 to 160 kg (13 to 355 lb.)load capacity with new and exclusive systems linked with ECO INNOVATION, to knock down to the minimum the consumption of solvent, water, energy and time guaranteeing at the same time the highest quality of the results, user’s friendliness and insignificant maintenance. Ranges of dry cleaning machines EXCELLENCE operating with alternative and natural solvents, available with a rich choice from 11 to 90 kg (25 to 198 lb.) load capacity, which open the era of the NATURAL CLEANING, where the traditional concept of dry cleaning is definitely replaced by the new bio dry cleaning machine and by the NEW ERA OF THE BIOCLEANER’S. Within this very wide range many are the solvents used, to start with the new hydrocarbon-based solvents, both isoparaffinic and siliconic, to continue with SOLVON K4®, GREEN EARTH®, DRYSOLV®, RYNEX®, GENEX® ETC. … The flexibility of Renzacci’s: thousand solutions … plus YOUR’S!! There is always a Renzacci dry cleaning machine for every requirement whatsoever, for the very reason that the offer, from which the worldwide customers can benefit today, is very large, not only in terms of the load capacity of the plenty of models of the Renzacci dry cleaning division ranging from 6 up to 160 kg (13 to 355 lb.), but also because of the almost infinite series of models and personalisations available, among which we remind: Wide Front & Wide Front Compact: designed to use only first-class raw materials, with the traditional care for details that only Renzacci can ensure. Space Savers:Extremely complete ranges, engineered for all those whose first problem is to solve the question of the very small room in the work facility and/or the high cost for its utilization. Modular & TWIN models: to combine two machines -even of different capacity- making them work together although maintaining their operating independence.
Renzacci Spa -Progress-Xtreme-20-30-35-45-1
20 30 35 45
Renzacci Spa - Progress-Xtreme-55-65-80-1
55 65 80
Renzacci Spa_Progress-Xtreme-20-30-35-Club
PROGRESS Xtreme CLUB 20 30 35
Renzacci Spa - Progress-Xtreme-45-55-Club-1
PROGRESS Xtreme CLUB 45 55