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The Energy line takes its name from its great energy saving feature.

The Energy range goes from 6 kg up to the 80 kg machine (to reach a maximum of 75 + 75 for the “Energy Max Twin” version).
Let’s see the main aspect of Energy line:

\ High efficiency in the solvent distillation due to the V shape at the end of the still which improves the heat convection by reducing the heating times and avoiding the dirty layers formation in the solvent.
Results: You will take less time and less electricity to gets over the distillation.

\ The frequency inverter mounted on the main engine which allows energy and electric savings. Risults: more efficientwashing cycle and faster drying.

\ Copeland (scroll technology) refrigerator compressor; a smaller compressor which actually needs less energy to work efficientely. This technology also ensures low sound emission level and a longer durability.

\ 3 Danfoss valves, two are located on the cooling circuit by leading a highly water consumption saving. The third is mounted on the still condenser.

\ High quality components: all components are Made in Italy, apart from the inverter that is of Japanese production and some electrical parts that are produced by Siemens, in Germany.

\ Accessibility: the machines design is thought to allow an easy-to-use application. All “vital” components can be easily reached by simplify the maintenance process of the machine and to reduce running cost.

\ custom computer: It is easily programmable and able to support up to 25 different programs according to customer needs.